Meaning and Definition. What Does Safety Really Mean?

Alright, we’ve mentioned the phrase “What is safety?” a thousand times now, but what does safety really mean? Let’s look into the official meaning and definition of safety.

There are many interpretations of the word “safety” that depend on the context of where it is actually used.

Let’s look into the official Merriam-Webster definition of the word. Accrording to this dictionary, “safety” is:

  • The condition of being safe from undergoing or causing hurt, injury, or loss.

Here is what this really means:

  • Safety is the condition of avoiding causing or feeling hurt, injury or loss. An example of such a meaning would be “I feel safe around him”, meaning that a person feels like she is avoiding feeling hurt or getting injured when another person is being present, who provides that feeling of protection.

Another definition is that of using the word as a noun:

  • A device (as on a weapon or a machine) designed to prevent inadvertent or hazardous operation.

This basically means:

  • “Safety” can be used to name an object whose whole purpose is to prevent or discourage operation of a dangerous weapon or machine without explicit intent to do so. An example usage is “He disabled the safety on the pistol before he shot 5 rounds at the target”.

Finally, the third definition of safety is that of a situation in a game of football:

  • Safety is a situation in football in which a member of the offensive team is tackled behind its own goal line that counts two points for the defensive team.

In layman’s terms, this means:

  • “Safety” can reffer to a situation in football that is similar to “own goal” in other team sports. It happens when an opponent in possesion of the ball is tackeled in his own end zone. For example, “A safety is usually a team’s last line of defense in football”

Being able to interpret meanings of words such as “safe” and “safety” is a critical skill when learning to speak English. In fact, “safe” and “safety” are part of the top 2,000 most common words in English language. These words are part of the General Service List (also known as GSL), which is basically a set of 2,000 words that are most critical for learners of English language, no matter if you speak Chinese or Indian natively.

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11 safety tips for frequent flyers

1. Fly in larger airplanes

Bigger planes tend to be more closely scrutinized  by airplane safety inspectors than smaller planes due to the larger number of people who will rely on its safety daily. Larger planes also provide more protection for the passengers and generally have higher survival rates than smaller planes.

2. Pick airlines with good safety records

Before buying your discount airline tickets on a web-site, make sure the airline has a good safety record by consulting this list of airline accident rates.

3. Do not bring prohibited items with you on the plane

In order to avoid problems with TSA officers, do not bring dangerous items with you on the plane. Consult this list if you are not sure if an item is considered to be prohibited or not.

4. Make sure your friends/relatives know your itinerary

Not only would this help them find out when your plane is scheduled to land, but in case of an emergency they could use this information when communicating with search and rescue / law enforcement departments. One way is to call your friends just before taking off and call them again when you safely land. Alternatively, you can use a personal worrying robot service like to schedule a check-up call on you a few hours after your scheduled landing time.

5. Pack your prescription medication in your carry-on bag

No matter where you are flying, always bring all your prescription medications with you. If you are required to take your medication on a regular schedule, pack it into your carry-on bag. Checked luggage can easily get delayed or even lost.

6. Put your cell phone into airplane or game mode

Cellular communication devices operate on frequencies that may interfere with aircraft communication equipment. If your device has an airplane or game mode, be sure to enable it as soon as you board the plane and flight attendants instruct you to disable portable devices. If your cell phone is an older model without an airplane mode, keep it off until the plane lands. Consult the FAA Cell Phone Fact Sheet for more information.

7. Fasten your seatbelt when seated

Turbulence is the leading cause of injuries in non-fatal accidents. The FAA reports that about 58 people are injured every year in the United States while not wearing their seat belts. In order to stay safe during turbulence, be sure to fasten your seatbelt whenever you are in your seat. If turbulence happens when you are standing or walking, get to your seat as soon as possible! Use other seats to keep your balance. If turbulence is excessively violent, try lowering your center of gravity by staying closer to the aisle floor.

8. Avoid flying during cold winters

Ice and snow, either on the runway or on the body of the aircraft itself, can be major factors in accidents that happen during winter.

9. Make sure your immunizations are current

If you will be staying at your destination for an extended period of time, be sure all your immunizations are current. This is especially important if you are flying to countries with sub-par healthcare system.

10. If evacuation is required, follow these FAA guidelines:

  • Leave your possessions behind!
  • Stay low
  • Proceed to the nearest front or rear exit
  • Follow floor lighting to exit
  • Jump feet first onto evacuation slide. Don’t sit down to slide. Place arms across your chest, elbows in, and legs and feet together. Remove high-heeled shoes.
  • Exit the aircraft and clear the area
  • Remain alert for emergency vehicles
  • Never return to a burning aircraft!

11. Fly less!

This might sound like an odd tip for frequent flyers, but the only sure way of preventing problems during your flight is to stay on the ground!

Safety tips for adventurers! Find out the definition of safety for pilots, hikers, cyclists, divers, climbers, snowboarders, sports enthusiasts and other risk-takers.

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